So i return

I finaly feel like writing again, and this time in english. For as long as i can remember i have always loved to write, but just for myselfe. This time i want to share, and i want to share my bdsm with you. I have not been in this world for to long, almost a year i think. But for this time i have found my path in life, my kinks and wath i truly love. I started of as definding my selfe as a submissive. Dont get me wrong i still am and will always be submissive at heart.

But i found something else, something i have always felt but could not put words to. A little, i am a little and i am proud to say so. A caring, giggling, funny and might i add quite horny little one. I find so much love, strenght and weeknes in this state of mind. It grows stronger every day i get to live it out. Now more often then ever before, and i have amazing kink people around me that supports this cuteness i got going on.

Well i really dont know where to start, but i promise i will take you along the ride in my world of bdsm and kinks. And it will be a sweet ride with me. I will let you in on how i got to know about bdsm, and let you know a little bit more about me later tonight. Kisses and snuggles

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