The beginning

Well lets start from the beginning. I came across fetlife when i was on holiday, and i was as usual looking at kinky sites.. then i found this site that took my breathe away. Took some time before i filled in my account, and to be honest i kind of forgot about the site for a while. Then i got an e-mail about a message i had recived there…i from that day was hooked.My filthy mind found this so exiting and i could not get how i had never come across this before.  Well as many of you girls know when you are new there you Get so many messages… almost overwhelmed.

But then this master contacted me, i was to curious to let it go. I was unsure about all this different titles, the fetishes and kinks. Unsure about so much.. but i was sure that this was something i had to try. We meet, and after that night i found my path and my sexual life took a turn. He took my hand an guidet me in to bdsm. We were together for about 6 month, and oh we did have so much fun, he as my master and daddy. And i as his submissive and little. He showed me and learned me so much about myselfe and others. I got to try this little part of me that has always been there, and my submission that has always been strong in me.

i had to get to know myselfe again, and i learned to trust people again.  That he did this for me is something i will always remember and he will forever have a special place in my heart. When i found myselfe i also found love and strenght.

Today i feel like i have learned quite alot in a short period of time. About my boundaries, and others. I discoverd my sexuality all over again.. because before bdsm i was always missing something when it came to sex. No man or woman could ever give me wath i needed.

I have tried much in this time, and a lot is yet to come, and i grow every day. I have played with some amazing people.. i have found kinks i really did not know i have. I Will get back to them later. And trust have a hole other meaning to me now. And i have learned that submission is not something you just give away to anybody. You have to earn my submission.. it is the most beautiful thing i can ever give someone. There is still so much i dont know, and i Am to qurious not to find out.

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