The little

1B92AB09-6A99-4C7E-B3CD-40A4CD5933A6Ever since i discovered bdsm, ageplay has taken a huge part of my life. Slowly i have found myselfe loving it more and more. Ageplay is very individual like every other kink and fetish. I have yet alot to discover, but i still feel that i have found my path and wath i like about it. I have got some questions about it.. like wath my age is when i am little, do i use diapers and ect. The answear is no, i have never even thought about a certain age. But it changes with my mood… from a bratty teenager to a real little one that just wants her daddys strong arms around her, and here carebear and paci.

i do not use diapers, i am never as little that i need one. But i still have respect for the ones that do. We are all different, and we must respect each others kinks. Thats the beauty with humans.. we are all different.

For me the age play part is about caring, nurturing and love. And the little one is not for everyone, but for the ones i choose to let her out for.

For me she is a silly little bundle of joy. She see things like it is the first time she discover it. And here love for animals, people and new things brings me the happyness i need in a busy everyday life. I love to bee on the playground and play, draw silly drawings and Disney is an all time favourite.

But Lets talk about the most important thing. Daddy, my favourite word is daddy. And i cant wait til the day i find my daddy or he finds me. This is tough finding the right one.. there are so many boys and men claming to be a daddy. But most of them i have talked do are not, This is not something you can become it is something you are and feel down to your core. You really cant fake it until you make it. It is not right for the little ones, and like me that put my heart and soul in it. And for me it is not a game, i dont play little. I just am.

Yes i have daddy issues i know that, i have been neglected with love from my father all my life. I have never had a shoulder to cry on, a hand to lead me or caring hugs. That have shaped me into the person i am, and i think i have become extra caring and loving to te ones around me. Becouse i know how much it hurt to not have that in my life.

So for me this is a way of life, and i cant wait til the day all the puzzle pieces falls into place. To have this caring daddy watching over me, loving me and showing me things and learn me stuff i need to learn. A daddy should show me things like it was the first time i see them. Bath me and brush my hair, and stroke me so i know he loves me. But for me a daddy should also be stricked, and have a firm hand.

Sigh oh i cant wait to the fairytail happends ❤



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