2D6E4EF1-E6B8-4BCD-9EEE-BA8D5966C118.jpegFor my time in bdsm i have had one daddy, first of all he was my master. But i got to call him daddy, and that filled my heart with something i could never even wish for. I got to learn alot about my selfe and i discovered this little one that i love so much. But on my one time i fell deeper down this beautiful little space. There was no going back for me, and i knew i had to embrace it on my own for a while. Wath would i discover? And who would i meet…Wath would happen

first thing first i had to try out this age play thing a little more.. and a little bit more for real this time. There will never be anything else that gets me to feel so safe, and nothing will turn me on the way a daddy knows  how to.

So i want a real one, a daddy that feels it to his core. A daddy that has true love for his little.. and never ever makes her question it. A daddy thats has experiance and dont play games, he just is. A playful one that can do all the silly little stuff with me. Take me on adventures… the zoo, take me swimming, that showes interest in my hobbys and desires.

Someone who brings me my paci when i need one.. drag me on to your lap and cuddle me. I hope my daddy is silly to like me, i love to giggle and laugh. I want to be silly with you daddy. And i want you to take me out to discover the world hand in hand

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