The one

2C4F039C-8AE5-46B8-9733-6D9244210A5CHow do one know when they meet the one? That is a question i have asked my selfe over and over. How many frogs do a girl have to kiss before she finds the right one. Tricky tricky i must add. I know wath i want, i just need to find him. And i want someone that wants me and not everybody else. I want someone that without a doubt can say no to girls wanting him. I should be enough… i really dont think thats to much to ask for. I love sharing, thats really all about caring. I cant be someones second or third choise.

As a little this feels so hard, in my little space i feel so vulnerabe. Has nothing to do with confidence.. i just know many girls are shady and love going after taken men… that goes to men to. Find someone that is free.. thats not that hard 🙂

And i dont want to be anybodys secret, i consider myselfe a quite nice, caring and loving little on. Someone should be so proud of me, just for beeing me. The quest for a daddy is so much harder then finding a dominant man. Most og the daddys i have talked to have just been playing. I dont want to play anymore.. i want the real deal. Oh sigh..

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