The look

AE9CCC06-B68C-4DF2-86E4-2CC5FDA3074F.jpegLook me in the eyes little one, look at daddy he says.. keep your eyes at daddy at all times. She obeys.. eye contact is not her biggest strenght, she knows that. This time it is different… it feels natural and safe to look in his eyes while she touches her selfe. She can tell that daddy likes watching his little play with her selfe… she can se his big daddy cock under those sexy white boxershorts.

How did she get so lucky she wonder. He kisses her, a kiss so full with passion it takes her breath away. Several times she had to remind her selfe to breath.. holding on to him like it was the last time ever she got to hold on to him. He removes his boxershorts.. and her heart beat raises. She has been waiting for this moment for the longest time. She lays down on her belly… booty up so he gets a good look at it. Then she finaly get to taste him. Oh daddy how you taste good.. her tounge craving to lick that beautiful big cock. She keep her eye contact with him at all times. Exept from when she drifts away and forget time and place. But daddy is caring and reminds her to keep looking at him. It is easy, he is so perfect.. a real good looking man.

They have been waiting for this moment for quite a while… the little one special. He grabs her hips and places her on top of him.. he slips his cock in side her and she starts shivering of pleasure. He fills her perfectly up, just like a daddy should. This moment, this connection, these feelings was better then she could ever have imagine. He praises her for beeing such a good little girl. There is nothing in this world that makes her more happy then hearing those words… daddys good little girl. When they reaches bed, little with her pacifier.. and daddy holding her in her arms, she falls asleep feeling like the most precious and happy little girl. So glad she found her daddy to fill her heart… and other places šŸ˜‰ fiction or not, but anyway i find it freeking hot

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