831FC8CD-BB9F-46D8-B96E-C1484993F256.pngWhen i like something.. i like the h*** out of it. The Little one does not help much in that departement. In little space i get so exited i sometimes must jump of joy, just beacuse i get all bubbely inside. You show me a panda bear and i feel like passing out of joy.. oh my sweet rainbows they are just too cute 🙂 Daddy we need to go to the zoo asap. i enjoy the little things in life.. pun intended. Old people holding hands, kids that care for each other , picking flowers and blowing boobles. These are a few things that make me smile and giggle.. the small beautiful moments that is worth all the sad days.

I have seen much beauty in my life.. and i try to discover as much of it as i can, it makes me smile thinking about it. How lucky i Am to get to live out my life just as i want to, my desires, my lust, my passion, my love. The little one is blossoming up to be this sweet and adorible little girl that i always was, but had not met. I know her now and i love her deeply. I could never have been without this to states of mind and heart… but the to states are kind of bringing each other

more and more together now. I feel hole, and i feel love

the things sorrunding us, and the people we meet.. shapes us. Appreciate them

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