It is not always easy beeing little. When you miss your daddy, and dont want to nag all the time. But have a craving for attention. It is easy to mistake for beeing over needy, but the truth is when i crave your attention it is just beacuse i like you so much. I want to share my day with you, things i have seen and stuff i have experiansed.

Little space is tough when you feel overlooked, and you feel lonely whithout beeing lonely. I dont think i have ever feelt so vulnerable ever in my life as in little space. And i am scared to come across as to much to handle and to needy. I just need to feel seen, heard and cared for. I dont ask for more then that. If you care for me, show me and i Will be yours forever. I dont want to feel forgotten, i have done that all my life, by family to. Maby that is why i have such feelings. And i Am so scared to feel that with a daddy. I am so scared of beeing hurt. 

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