I know for someone it seems strange to get feelings for one after the first meeting. To adore someone like i do, to feel in there gut that this is right, and that it was worth a wait for something this good. He sweept me of my feet, and he made me feel things i have been waiting my hole life to feel. When you meet someone like that, you just have to embreace it and hold on for wath its worth. And i hope he never lets me go. That we are building something beautiful and real. I did not know wath i was serching for, until he came along. I cant imagine wath i will feel in a few month.. when my body and heart longing for him now.

Little found his perfect match daddy, and when he kisses her forhead she feelt vaves of love and care. Oh daddy i hope i make you proud and that you are here to stay. I have been in quite a little space this few days… i think beacuse the feelings of finding something i have been dreaming of for so long.. i get so scared that it will be taken from me. I hope this is my fairytail

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