Happy times

96A91DA9-53CF-4460-9A20-02C48C3E923C.jpegI am in a real happy place now, there is no other way to discribe it really. Everything in my life is calm and peaceful, and i got things under control. My little space have taken a real good turn, and i finally get to explore it for real. I have found a daddy that helps me on this path, that guides me and shows me the right directions. I feel we allready have this amazing connection and that we have just been waiting for each other. I am grateful that i got this chance, and that i found someone i can trust.

I have this amazing life, and i dont take anything for granted.. you dont just get an amazing life, you have to work for it. And having a greate caring daddy by my side is really just the best feeling ever. I know that he will guide me, and i am sure this will be good for the both of us. We have quite many things in common, and some similar look on things. Actually he got me hooked on fotball… who would have thought that. I dont cheer for a spesific team.. but if they have funny names.. hair and things like that.. goooo pshyco :p

Well i head home for a time before heading back to him, for a real daddy summer holiday. I have a feeling it will be one to remember. And you know wath.. the feelings i have for him makes me smile and gives me so much joy. Emagine falling in love with your daddy, those feelings are really so strong. And i am lucky that i get to feel like that. I sound like my life is like just rainbows and unicorns.. that is really not the case all the time. But for now i Am really happy, and life is to short to not embrace those good feelings. From the autumn work starts again and all chours and responsebility, so now i just focus on beeing free and kind of in love.

Daddy has lots of things happening for him this autumn, and i am so proud of him for living out his dreams, and taking chanses. But for now, summer, fun and joy first.

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