There is a quite uniqe and special thing when you find the things in life that really.. and i meen really turn you on. Your kink, your inner desires, the things that gets your heart skip a beat. Holy macaroni am i glad i have always had the idea that i have to try things once.. always been scared of missing out on things i might like.

Oh boy did i find this things. And best of all a beautiful human to share this things and feelings with.   Everyday i do my best to be all i can be for him, to make him proud. The feeling to have someone to serve and obey, that is the greatest feeling in the world. It makes me feel safe, cared for and strong. Strong beacuse i submit to him by choise, and that i am an independent woman. That is the most wonderful i could give someone.

So much beauty to be found in these relationships. So much strong feelings conected when this souls find eatch other. At first when bdsm was all new for me, i had no idea how strong this realathionships could be. I had been to long in vanilla world, and i always feelt that nobody could give me wath i wanted. And i am not talking just about sex. But the feeling of belonging.. and longing to serve someone.

I needed the hole package, and i left that safe… and so boring world. And wath i discoverd was even more safe, and boring!?? Nahhh it was safe, sometimes scary, amazing, and so so powerfull. The feelings sometimes almost feels overwhelming.

DF8F9AC0-EFCD-49ED-8DCA-20F38CF39883.jpeg it is not always easy to place them. Thats why i am glad that found this man guiding me on our way. Little found her daddy, and they lived happy ever after😊

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