24D892C9-1313-43C1-9DE7-B05B610ACB88I miss that burning feeling on my butt, the stripes and the bruices. It has been so long since i have had this feeling. The masochist in me really cant wait for the next time i get to experianse it again. And i am really hoping to experience more breath play, i really really love breath play. My life in your hands, how beautiful is that?

Not just the pain with beatings in general , but the hole power exchange. To give the control complely up to him. It is such a strong setting, and brings me in to a state of mind that i really love deeply. Thats why i have almost never let anyone hit me or spanked me, it is to personal and special for me to share with just anyone. If i find love for you, i want to share this with you, for me it is beautiful and for the one i love.

I want to share this with you



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