Biggest change in life

17A436B4-A6CD-488F-AD88-A3534A242C25.jpegMy life and my relationship have taken a little turn. My daddy has invited another woman in our relationship, she will be my mommy. I will get to meet her in a few days, and i have butterflies in my tummy. I am really not sure wath i am accepting, and i have been kind of overwhelmed with feelings. Both good, and not so good. My adult selfe cant wait, my little selfe is unsure, vulnerable and really dont want to share daddy with anyone.

I will bring my readers along for this new thing happening in my life. I dont know how this will work.. and i am sure some readers are qurious  aswell. How will this dynamic work, will we be a match, Will daddy love her more then me? I hope he knows how a big jump this is for me to take, i hope he knows how much feelings i have for him, and how i have waited for this dynamic we have.

I must admidt it has been kind og tuff for me to go along with this, only because i have been waiting all my life for a daddy like him. I will take no chances loosing him. And maby this is wath it takes to have him stay with me for ever and ever. Daddy know wath is best for his daughter, so i will just have to trust him that this is good for me. He is a good daddy, and has ensured me so many times that this is not just about him getting another playpartner. It is all so new for me and i dont know how this works. This is a man i already care so so much for, and my love for him gets stronger every day. I think this is the reason i have been struggeling with this a bit. But i feel more safe now, and i hope and think it will be something good.

I hope that i will open up and let her in my life, i hope the feelings i have had will go away so i can embrace this experiance. I thought maby i was not enough for daddy.. i have asked him this several times. I need to give him my trust.. the trust that this will be good for me. I will have a mommy and a daddy to love me. Please dont let me be a silly little jelause girl.

I will update how this is working out for us, i am really curious. I deserve to have it good, please let this be good

2 thoughts on “Biggest change in life

  1. Your words really resonate with us; we can almost hear your voice. We wish you all the best and hope that this is an experience of growth. Looking forward to reading your future posts


    1. Thank you. I look forward to sharing this experianse with my readers.


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