Give me strenght

D706E269-422C-4533-BCA5-CC894722268D.jpegMoment of truth.. in a few hours daddy is picking up this lady that is becoming my mommy, if it all works out. And if we have chemistry. My hands are sweat, my tummy feels like it contains an elefant. I actually feel like i will pass out. I promised to tell you have this all will work out, and i will. I feel like a jelause little child, and in total little space.

My daddy bought me two new dresses today, and he wanted me to wear the red one. I agree it was a nice color. I have been so long in the sun i look like i am from a nother country. I will soon jump in the shower, and braide my hair. I really want to look my best.. even tho this is so super scary for me.

I love my daddy and i want to be the best for him.

I will update tomorrow how it all went. Wish me good luck 🙂 🙂 and enjoy your summer cuties

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