FF1F18B3-BAED-4606-86E0-10F08D1E8256.jpegThis weekend has been emotional, scary, exiting.. i could go on for a while but i guess you get it. Alot of feelings have rushed through my body these past few days. I sure as unicorns diddent know wath to expect. Wath i was getting my selfe in to, and i really had no ide.

Friday evening my daddy drove to get mommy at her place. I was so nervous waiting that it was hard to put makeup on.. i am not kidding i thought i would pass out :p a bit over dramatic.. well. In walks this tall beautiful woman. She had this confidense and calmness about her. I at that moment was neither calm or confident. But just little and wanting to hide behind my stuffie. We hade some drinks and talked before Daddy fixed sushi, i manage to eat one bite.. giggles i actually must laugh a bit about it now. Silly girl, but scared silly little girl.

Saturday came and we all went out for lunch at this amazing restaurant with a view over the whole city. I finally manage to eat, and i was not that nervous.. i just diddent know wath to say. So i guess i was kind of awkvard and quite. A lot to soak in for a little, and a lot to soak inn as an adult after beeing to long in the vanilla world and in vanilla relathionships.

I have shared my feelings with them, that i thought it was tough. I told them things no one else knows. I have showed them my most vulnerable side, and talking about feelings has always been dificoult for me. So that actually felt like a little victory. I think we had a good talk that night even tho it was so emotional. And i was the worlds biggest jelause baby. Just seeing daddy kiss mommy.. lord it was tough. Had it just been like a threesome, i would have handlet it better. This is or was nothing like that, this was something special. I just did not see it before i feelt asleep in mommys arms that night, she hold me tight in her arms. I have never felt asleep in someones arms.

Sunday morning mommy and i woke up a few hours befor daddy, we laied in bed, she cuddled me and we talked and ate candy in bed. I think i let my guard down, i think i finaly managed to try to let her in, and give this a chance. Mommy has long legs, mine are short.. so she is giraffe and me baby giraffe. It was actually a really beautiful moment, and i could feel her caring for me. I was not looking, i was not in need of a mommy, but how could i know when i havent given it a chance. Sunday morning we ate breakefast, and after mommy gave me a gift, with a pink bow around. Unicorn stuffie, coloring book and markers. It was really a amazing gift, and perfect for a little girl. Thank you mommy.  When we were packed and ready to go daddy drove us home. It is a bit over one hour to my place, and i am glad me and daddy got that time to talk, to smile and he told me he was proud of me. Trust me he is caring so that was not the first time he told me he was proud this weekend. I love to make him proud, that makes me proud.

I trust daddy, and i trust that he does this couse he care for me.  I told them i needed time, to get used to this. It was a lot to sink in over just a few days. And there is still a long way to go, but i am willing to go the same way as them. To be continued 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. What? They didn’t Even touch your private parts?


    1. Haha they did but that is not wath the writing was about


      1. Good to hear!
        It would be nice to hear what it was like for you to have your tiny hairless little pussy played with by your nice and experienced mummy and daddy:)


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