I have a little writing block so therefore no updates. Summer holiday is over and i have my adult pants on. Luckily i have a job that allouds me to be silly and childish… i am so happy for that.

The air outside is much more fresher and my all time favourite seasion is coming up. I cant wait for cold and dark nights. Since i was a child i have been facinated by the dark and night.. i could just imagine all the goshts, the fairyes and the unicorns drifting around outside my window. And i still belive so 🙂

Taking a little nap in my bed and look over at the whip hanging on my wall. I wish i could get to feel it on my but.. on my thighs.. on my little happy spot. Sigh i ake for a good whipping.

I promise to update more about mommy/ daddy situasjon when the time is right.


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