For quite some time i was daddys little girl. I thought i was everything to him. I gave him my heart and soul. Wath i got in return was lies, and my heart broken. All the pieces fall into place… why diddent i see it before. I was given a mommy, she was already daddys slave and they pretended to almost not know each other.

I found this out on my own.. they never ment to tell me. How can someone fool a little? I never wanted a mommy, and when i saied yes this is wath i got in return.

I dont think i have ever been this sad before, i Will never try to have a new daddy. I dont ever want one after this. I did not know that bdsm was all about lies and betrayal.

I wont trust people in a long time, and i hate that they did this to me and broke my trust for other people. I cant belive they could look me in the eyes that night. I dont want to be a little anymore, they broke my little.

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