Moving on

Enough of this sad and depressed posts. I was and still am a bit hurt.. but you know wath it is not worth my tears anymore. I leard a lesson, and i cant do anything to change it. I learned that i dont need to feel sorry or bad for trusting people. I am not a fool for falling in love with people. And i am not stupid for thinking the best of people.

You promise me the world, i probibly wont belive you. I learned that. But it would not been without the good moments we had together, when i was in a bliss and unaweare. I loved you, and i thought you cared for me to. But thats ok, i will find someone some day that Will love me from the moon and back.

I will wait for you my future daddy, Maby one day you will find me. I will keep my love and my submission for my selfe for a while.

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