The tall one

This tall beautiful man walks in my front door. My girlfriend introdused us, and thought we were a match. Oh boy was she right. You know when you meet someone.. and you just have a feeling the sex will be good. Well good does not even cover it. Sigh.. when his clothes dropped, oh my i think my jaw dropped a bit to. This confidense man with a look and a smirk that makes me blush and wanting him to pin me down.

Well we hade quite som fun togheter, i almost lost count how many times we played.. and i sure as hell lost count on how many times he made me cum. My hole bed was wet.. all the towels.. duvet.. pillows.. his clothes and my pjs. That big cock tho… so so jummy.. i think i got a little bit of a cock crush.

It was soon time to say ours goodbye… he was not done with me yet. I finaly got my butt beaten, his big hands left marks on me..when he brought out the belt.. i was soaked. It felt like extacy when he took his belt around my neck, and a fist full of hair in his other hand.. and then fucked me. And giggles he really knew how to fuck a horny little girl like me.

I smile as i write this, and i think i will for the days to come. Thank you sweetypie for making this happend. And i cant wait for us three to meet togheter and fuck our brains out. You know i love you and we have an amazing time and jurney ahead of us 😉

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