The principal

The principal steps in the room and slams the door behind him. I had been waiting on the little bench at his offise for wath seems to be hours. He walked over to the bench never taking his eyes of me.

I stare at my feet… i can feel him staring at me, he just stays there without saying anything. Thats even worse then beeing screamed at.

It feels like forever, and i finally raise my head… my tummy was feeling so icky. My eyes met his… i knew i was in truble. Well now little missie, i think we will have a little lession. It is called ‘Wath happends when smoking in school’. I feel my throuth getting dry… and my voice changed when i tried to sa ‘i am Sorry sir i will never do it again’.

He smiles and i can see the color of his eyes changes. We will sort this out one way or the other, and i suggest you bend over that desk and keep your mouth shut. That is not a to big task for a big girl like you that can smoke is there? My eyes tear up as i bend over his cold wodden desk… ‘no sir’ i whispered back at him.

We are going to have a little math lession at the same time, you are going to count to 20. You do want to be a good girl dont you? It would be bad if your parentes found out about the smoking… wouldent it?

The first 5 strokes with the cane was painful, the next 10 burned so bad i had to hold on to the desk. With 3 to go i begged and begged for him to stop. The last 3 strokes was so hard it feelt like he hit through my skin. I feelt ashamed, hurt, and a kind of relefe.

His hand feelt cold when i feelt them on my butt… now little girl i wonder if you will remember not to smoke anymore?! I could feel his hand between my legs as the tears run down my chin. Wath is this missie.. have i made your little pussy wet huh? I thought you wanted me to stop? I was to ashamed to turn around, the crying stopped and replaced with blushing.

He grabbed my hips… whispers in my ear.. when i now fuck your young little pussy you will and i mean will keep absolutly quitet! I was to scared and eroused to make a sound. To be continued..

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