Finaly better from this freeking flu. If i diddent have my carebears i am sure i would have been dead now. They are so crazy cute i am sure they could cure so much. Well i am a little drama queen i know. Since last i have had an amazing time. I have meet some amazing people, and playtime has been on my top priority list. Oh boy i tell you i do love to play.

I still have this special woman in my life, and i care for her deeply. The rose from her in my bedrom reminds me of wath we have. I know you read this… and i am glad i could put a smile on your face. You need it these days.

Love, peace and harmony is just wath i need in my life these days.. and wait.. kink, how could i forget. I guess the kink is always there.. but the love and harmony is not always that easy. Something you have to work for a little bit harder, but as many other things it is almost always worth it in the end.

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