Me myselfe and i

I sit here on a swing in the forest, this is my secret mindfullness place where i come to collect my thoughts. I have known about this place in the woods for over ten years. It is beautiful and calm.

My life has been like a stormy night at sea for a while now. After a bit back and forth i have conclued that i dont need a man or a daddy to make me happy. I make my own happyness, and that is enough.

Dont worry boys, i still adore a good cock and a firm set of hands. I just dont want a relationship.. just that simple 😊 it almost always ends up in drama, and i get all my drama from bad TV shows so i dont need more.

I have found a new love for my selfe, and i have found my voice. I dont take shit from anybody anymore. And it feels so freeking good. Way to go little girl, it took you 31 years to do so.

On the swing in the woods i dont need to think that much, i have a tendense to overthink everything. Here i just feel, and i feel love and calme. And that is all i need ❤️

i am like the little girl in despicebel me looking for unicorns in the woods. And you know wath, they are real. They just show themselfe for the ones that truly belive. Many adults loose there ability to imagination, i kept mine, and i will never let it go 😊

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